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Check out photos from this years Allstate 400 at the Brickyard (7/26/2009). From the front stretch to the spotters view of turn 1- Nealy 100 photos - Don't forget to check out the panoramic shots we took - gives you a real good idea of the speedway. Photos taken from front stretch and South West Vista top row.

Brickyard-400-01 Brickyard-400-02 Brickyard-400-03 Brickyard-400-04
Brickyard-400-05 Brickyard-400-06 Brickyard-400-07 Brickyard-400-08
Brickyard-400-09 Brickyard-400-10 Brickyard-400-11 Brickyard-400-12
Brickyard-400-13 Brickyard-400-14 Brickyard-400-15 Brickyard-400-16
Brickyard-400-17 Brickyard-400-18 Brickyard-400-19 Brickyard-400-20
Brickyard-400-21 Brickyard-400-22 Brickyard-400-23 Brickyard-400-24
Brickyard-400-25 Brickyard-400-26 Brickyard-400-27 Brickyard-400-28
Brickyard-400-29 Brickyard-400-30 Brickyard-400-31 Brickyard-400-32
Brickyard-400-33 Brickyard-400-34 Brickyard-400-35 Brickyard-400-36
Brickyard-400-37 Brickyard-400-38 Brickyard-400-39 Brickyard-400-40
Brickyard-400-41 Brickyard-400-42 Brickyard-400-43 Brickyard-400-44
Brickyard-400-45 Brickyard-400-46 Brickyard-400-47 Brickyard-400-48
Brickyard-400-49 Brickyard-400-50 Brickyard-400-51 Brickyard-400-52
Brickyard-400-53 Brickyard-400-54 Brickyard-400-55 Brickyard-400-56
Brickyard-400-57 Brickyard-400-58 Brickyard-400-59 Brickyard-400-60
Brickyard-400-61 Brickyard-400-62 Brickyard-400-63 Brickyard-400-64
Brickyard-400-65 Brickyard-400-66 Brickyard-400-67 Brickyard-400-68
Brickyard-400-69 Brickyard-400-70 Brickyard-400-71 Brickyard-400-72
Brickyard-400-73 Brickyard-400-74 Brickyard-400-75 Brickyard-400-76
Brickyard-400-77 Brickyard-400-78 Brickyard-400-79 Brickyard-400-80
Brickyard-400-81 Brickyard-400-82 Brickyard-400-83 Brickyard-400-84
Brickyard-400-85 Brickyard-400-86 Brickyard-400-87 Brickyard-400-88
Brickyard-400-89 Brickyard-400-90 Brickyard-400-91 Brickyard-400-92
Brickyard-400-93 Brickyard-400-94 Brickyard-400-95  

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